Lynx Roundup, November 15th 2019

Lynx Roundup, November 15th 2019

Big Data With Sketchy Sctructures! Gig economy labor practices!

Matthew Alhonte
Matthew Alhonte

A Top Financier of Trump and McConnell Is a Driving Force Behind Amazon Deforestation
Steve Schwarzman is the CEO of the Blackstone Group, which partially owns a Brazilian firm that is helping transform the Amazon from jungle to farmland.
Questions around using my university’s supercomputer for analysis from datascience
Big Data with Sketchy Structures, Part 1 — the Count-Min Sketch
You are a developer at a media streaming company. Your team produces a video content platform, like Netflix and YouTube. Your app is popular, with a large user base and a wide variety of content…
Foodora couriers could create Canada’s 1st unionized workforce of app-based workers | CBC News
Foodora couriers in Toronto are preparing to vote on union certification in what could create Canada’s first unionized workforce of app-based workers.
A short comment on statistical versus mathematical modelling
While the crisis of statistics has made it to the headlines, that of mathematical modelling hasn’t. Something can be learned comparing the two, and looking at other instances of production of numbers.Sociology of quantification and post-normal science can help.

Matthew Alhonte

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