Lynx Roundup, June 20th 2020

Lynx Roundup, June 20th 2020

Electrical activity in organisms mirrors fields in atmosphere! Scientists develop 'Twitter' for cells! Model selection with scikit-learn and ploomber!

Matthew Alhonte
Matthew Alhonte

Disarm the lifeboats
In this week’s Long Version I cite my fellow Substacker Emily Atkin, whose newsletter, Heated, has become an indispensable daily read on the most urgent crisis of our time. Her mission is to force accountability for global warming on the powerful, corrupt institutions that quite literally fuel it. P…
Electrical activity in living organisms mirrors electrical fields in atmosphere
Most electrical activity in vertebrates and invertebrates occurs at extremely low frequencies, and the origin—and medical potential—of these frequencies have eluded scientists. Now a Tel Aviv University study provides evidence for a direct link between electrical fields in the atmosphere and those f…
Model selection with scikit-learn and ploomber
Model selection is an important part of any Machine Learning task. Since each model encodes their own inductive bias, it is important to compare them to understand their subtleties and choose the best one for the problem at hand. While knowing each learning algorithm in detail is important to have a…
Unexpected new component discovered circulating in bloodstream
Researchers at the Montpellier Cancer Research Institute (IRCM) have discovered a new component in blood that has never been detected there before. Mitochondria are normally found inside cells, but the team has now discovered them floating around on their own in the bloodstream.
Scientists develop ‘Twitter’ for cells
Computational biologists led by Prof. Yvan Saeys (VIB-UGent Center for Inflammation Research) developed a new bioinformatics method to better study communication between cells. This method, called NicheNet, helps researchers to gain insight into how the gene expression of cells is regulated by inter…
Beautiful ;). Contribute to Sklyvan/Array_Visualizer development by creating an account on GitHub.
Python tool to run a query and convert result to json, csv, excel in the command line or python program - fsistemas/sql2json

Matthew Alhonte

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