Lynx Roundup, June 19th 2018

Lynx Roundup, June 19th 2018

Daily roundup of Data Science news around the industry, 6/19/2018.

Matthew Alhonte
Matthew Alhonte

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Index creation may decrease SELECT performance in PostgreSQL
Generally adding an index will not have negative effects on SELECT performance in PostgreSQL. This article presents, why this is not always true.
Topological Data Analysis
I find most plenary talks at SIAM conferences to be rather spellbinding, but one is especially burned into my brain: Robert Ghrist’s Network Topology, Sensors and Systems, delivered at Snowbird in 2009. This talk was my first introduction to the idea that a set of discrete points could have a hole i…
Visual analysis and diagnostic tools to facilitate machine learning model selection. - DistrictDataLabs/yellowbrick
Yeah it's weird, we work a lot on how to prevent famines by doing ag better & the answer is...

It's not a biology problem. Famines are man-made.

Folks tie themselves in knots re: how we need to farm differently or we'll starve, but the #1 food security hack is "don't do wars."β€” Sarah Taber (@SarahTaber_bww) June 17, 2018

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