Lynx Roundup, June 17th 2018

Lynx Roundup, June 17th 2018

Daily roundup of Data Science news around the industry, 6/17/2018.

Matthew Alhonte
Matthew Alhonte
Advice for Applying to Data Science Jobs
Following Dave Robinson’s sage tweet to write a blog post when you’ve given the same advice three times, this post is a collection of my thoughts and recommendations for people interested in applying to data science jobs in the US. Many of these principles also apply to tech jobs in general.A discl…

SUPER USEFUL, especially for those of us who learned the analytics part first and picked up coding second:

Home - Cookiecutter Data Science
A project template and directory structure for Python data science projects.
The Stanford Prison Experiment was massively influential. We just learned it was a fraud.
The most famous psychological studies are often wrong, fraudulent, or outdated. Textbooks need to catch up.
Bash tips for everyday at the command line
These hidden features and shortcuts will help you perform some of the most common Bash functions more efficiently.
The Trouble with D3
Recently there were a couple of threads on Twitter discussing the difficulties associated with learning d3.js. I’ve also seen this come up in many similar conversations I’ve had at meetups…

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