Lynx Roundup, July 20th 2020

Lynx Roundup, July 20th 2020

Big Tech inciting the next financial crash! Data migration in Python! Painlessly analyze your Time Series!

Matthew Alhonte
Matthew Alhonte

How big tech is dragging us towards the next financial crash
The long read: Like the big banks, big tech uses its lobbying muscle to avoid regulation, and thinks it should play by different rules. And like the banks, it could be about to wreak financial havoc on us all
Data Migration for the Blaze Project. Contribute to blaze/odo development by creating an account on GitHub.
How To Painlessly Analyze Your Time Series - KDnuggets
The Matrix Profile is a powerful tool to help solve this dual problem of anomaly detection and motif discovery. Matrix Profile is robust, scalable, and largely parameter-free: we’ve seen it work for a wide range of metrics including website user data, order volume and other business-critical applica…
Kim Stanley Robinson: “What the hell do we write now?”
Kim Stanley Robinson is, uncharacteristically, at a loss. As a science fiction writer, he is famed for dreaming up utopian futures. But when we meet for lunch in his Californian hometown, at times he struggles to maintain his cool. “What the hell do we write at this point in history?” he asks. “My u…
We Need a Massive Climate War Effort—Now
How Amazon Workers Are Organizing for the Long Haul
Amazon logistics workers have won much attention for organizing during the pandemic. Around the country workers have signed petitions demanding protections, and in New York, Michigan, Illinois, and Washington, some have even struck and walked out. These actions have generated support from our tech c…
Take potentially dangerous PDFs, office documents, or images and convert them to a safe PDF - firstlookmedia/dangerzone

Matthew Alhonte

Supervillain in somebody's action hero movie. Experienced a radioactive freak accident at a young age which rendered him part-snake and strangely adept at Python.