Lynx Roundup, February 7th 2020

Lynx Roundup, February 7th 2020

Explanation of the Softmax function! Expert Python topics you should know! In-memory processing!

Matthew Alhonte
Matthew Alhonte

A Simple Explanation of the Softmax Function -
What Softmax is, how it’s used, and how to implement it in Python.
Anti-ICE Protesters Block Access to Palo Alto Software Company
Soil’s Microbial Market Shows the Ruthless Side of Forests | Quanta Magazine
In the “underground economy” for soil nutrients, fungi strike hard bargains and punish plants that won’t meet their price.
Expert python topics you should know
What are the main topics that distinguish an advanced developer from a justeffective enough python programmer? You are good at python when what you code iselegantly simple and idiomatic. Each language and community has its own way of resolving certain kind ofproblem. That specific way of doing t…
Recap of the `funding` experiment »
Feross Aboukhadijeh is a computer security researcher, teacher, web developer, designer, long distance runner, gamer, music lover, and builder of websites that (sometimes) go viral.
Will In-Memory Processing Work?


Matthew Alhonte

Supervillain in somebody's action hero movie. Experienced a radioactive freak accident at a young age which rendered him part-snake and strangely adept at Python.