Lynx Roundup, February 20th 2020

Lynx Roundup, February 20th 2020

Getting started with data lineage! Scalable methods for explaining machine learning! Automatic version control for Data Scientists!

Matthew Alhonte
Matthew Alhonte

Getting started with Data Lineage
Can you quickly teach a newcomer how to navigate between your different datasets? Building a “data lineage” platform could be a good start.
Scalable methods for explaining machine learning
Machine learning is often called the part of AI that works. Yet, there is a growing unease that we do not really understand why it works so well. There is also the fear of algorithms gone wild…
NASA Modeling Guru: Basic Comparison of Python, Julia, Matlab, IDL and Java (2019 Edition)
NASA HPC Modeling Forums and Knowledge Base
Automatic Version Control for Data Scientists - KDnuggets
How can you keep your machine learning models and data organized so you can collaborate effectively? Discover this new tool set available for better version control designed for the data scientist workflow.
GOP Racial Gerrymandering Mastermind Participated in Redistricting in More States Than Previously Known, Files Reveal
Thomas Hofeller and GOP strategists experimented with using race as the primary factor in drawing districts in Alabama, Florida, and West Virginia.
Cause of antibiotic resistance identified
Scientists have confirmed for the first time that bacteria can change form to avoid being detected by antibiotics in the human body.
Consumer data might be the new oil, but who gets to decide how it’s used?

Matthew Alhonte

Supervillain in somebody's action hero movie. Experienced a radioactive freak accident at a young age which rendered him part-snake and strangely adept at Python.