Lynx Roundup, December 1st 2020

Lynx Roundup, December 1st 2020

Streamline distributed computing for reinforcement learning! 100 Python code snippets for everyday problems! The useless Wells Fargo settlement!

Matthew Alhonte
Matthew Alhonte
Uber Open Sourced Fiber, a Framework to Streamline Distributed Computing for Reinforcement Learning Models - KDnuggets
The new framework simplifies distributed and scalable training for reinforcement learning agents.
The Anarchist Daughter of the GOP’s Gerrymandering Mastermind Just Dumped His Maps and Files on Google Drive - VICE
“I won’t be satisfied that we the people have found everything until we the people have had a look at it in its entirety,” she said.
Water drop antenna lens directs radio wave energy through its curved shape
This novel “water drop” antenna lens design for directing radio wave signals was developed by a pair of antenna engineers from ESA and Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology, KTH.
How to Do a Binary Search in Python – Real Python
Binary search is a classic algorithm in computer science. In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to implement this algorithm in Python. You’ll learn how to leverage existing libraries as well as craft your own binary search Python implementation.
100 Python Code Snippets for Everyday Problems | The Renegade Coder
If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you know that I regularly publish Python code snippets for everyday problems. Well, I figured…
Useless Wells Fargo Settlement Shows the Rule of Law Ended Long Ago
A bipartisan tradition of no prosecutions and weak fines against big banks continues.


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