Lynx Roundup, August 20th 2020

Lynx Roundup, August 20th 2020

Analytic continuation through machine learning! Auto grading Handwritten Mathematical Answersheets! DARPA's Next-Gen Environmental Suits!

Matthew Alhonte
Matthew Alhonte
Solving problems of analytic continuation through machine learning
An EPFL student has shown how deep learning can be used to analytically connect digital simulations and experimental results more quickly and reliably than conventional methods. This work, which the student carried out for his semester project, was recently published in Physical Review Letters.
After 90 years, scientists reveal the structure of benzene
One of the fundamental mysteries of chemistry has been solved by a collaboration between Exciton Science, UNSW and CSIRO – and the result may have implications for future designs of solar cells, organic light-emitting diodes and other next gen technologies.

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Building a search tool for state court data and analytics, Trellis adds Alon Shwartz as co-founder
Computer Vision — Auto grading Handwritten Mathematical Answersheets
Grading is an essential part of education. Assessing each answer sheet manually, offering fair, unbiased and valid grade is difficult most of the time. This article is about my internship project…
DARPA’s Next-Gen Environmental Suits Could Be Inspired by Shark Skin
Existing protection suits are less than user-friendly.
Power to the People
A dissection of power efficiency and carbon footprints for data centers and cloud providers.

Matthew Alhonte

Supervillain in somebody's action hero movie. Experienced a radioactive freak accident at a young age which rendered him part-snake and strangely adept at Python.