Lynx Roundup, April 8th 2020

Lynx Roundup, April 8th 2020

Love letter to Clojure! Estimating uncertainty in machine learning models! Probability for machine learning!

Matthew Alhonte
Matthew Alhonte

Love Letter To Clojure (Part 1)
The case for a 4-day workweek
The future of work means fewer hours at work.
Thomas Cook travel collapsed and stranded 150,000 passengers, but still had millions for the execs who tanked it
5 Reasons to Learn Probability for Machine Learning
Estimating Uncertainty in Machine Learning Models — Part 3
In the last part of our series on uncertainty estimation, we addressed the limitations of approaches like bootstrapping for large models, and demonstrated how we might estimate uncertainty in the…
Deloitte, Microsoft, Dell: These are the companies making millions supplying ICE
They supply everything from private jets to tech support.
There’s Growing Evidence That the Universe Is Connected by Giant Structures
Scientists are finding that galaxies can move with each other across huge distances, and against the predictions of basic cosmological models. The reason why could change everything we think we know about the universe.

Matthew Alhonte

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