Lynx Roundup, April 19th

Lynx Roundup, April 19th

Automatically test neural network models in one function! Deep Reinforcement Learning using Python and Keras! Ethereum Smart Contracts in Python!

Matthew Alhonte
Matthew Alhonte

Useful little rundown!

An Overview of Regularization Techniques in Deep Learning (with Python code)

I really, really like the idea of eventually doing data stuff in Clojure.  Python's got some fundamental issues with scalability, and R's not really better in that regard.  Clojure's a joy to code in, and the fact that it targets the JVM means that a good set of bindings to Spark (+ friends) would probably be able to keep pace better than the Python bindings (which are excellent, but I've come across times where I'd have to drop into Scala, which I don't know and seems more intimidating than a friendly Lisp).

Clojure wrapper for deeplearning4j. Contribute to hswick/ development by creating an account on GitHub.
How Many Genes Do Cells Need? Maybe Almost All of Them | Quanta Magazine
An ambitious study in yeast shows that the health of cells depends on the highly intertwined effects of many genes, few of which can be deleted together without consequence.

Technology's cool.

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Friendly breakdown of how we got here!

Derivation of Convolutional Neural Network from Fully Connected Network Step-By-Step - KDnuggets
What are the advantages of ConvNets over FC networks in image analysis? How is ConvNet derived from FC networks? Where the term convolution in CNNs came from? These questions are to be answered in this article.
Announcing Ursa Labs: an innovation lab for open source data science
Funding open source software development is a complicated subject. I’m excited to announce that I’ve founded Ursa Labs (, an independent development lab with the mission of innovation in data science tooling. I am initially partnering with RStudio and Two Sigma to assist me in g…

Sounds exciting!  Especially if it turns into a better model for Open Source to sustain itself.

New Brain Maps With Unmatched Detail May Change Neuroscience | Quanta Magazine
A technique based on genetic bar codes can easily map the connections of individual brain cells in unprecedented numbers. Unexpected complexity in the visual system is only the first secret it has revealed.

Meanwhile, in Scotland...

‘Very angry badger’ causes part of Scottish castle to be closed
Repairs to masonry damaged by intruder put Craignethan’s cellar tunnel out of bounds to public

Hallucinogenic Deep Reinforcement Learning using Python and Keras
A step-by-step guide to reproducing the World Models paper

An AI got trained to turn a script into a cartoon.  This, when combined with that DeepFake thing Jordan Peale used to make that fake Obama PSA, is definitely going to cause the end of the world.  Exciting!

I'm into anything that can be summarized as "Do X, except in one function call".

mltest: Automatically test neural network models in one function call
So I got a lot of positive feedback on my last post on how to unit test machine learning code. A few people actually messaged me directly saying they caught a bug in their own code with the…
Ethereum Smart Contracts in Python: a comprehensive(ish) guide | Hacker Noon

Hashtag Goals:

How I Taught A Machine To Take My Job
In my last medium post, I discussed how we could use convolutional neural networks for gesture recognition in VR. I concluded that while it was really cool, drawing objects was sometimes more tedious…

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